Ital Revolution is available


Ital Revolution by Wayne Kublalsingh is available at the following booksellers and individuals in Trinidad and Tobago.


The University of the West Indies Bookshop


         UWI Bookshop St. Augustine Campus

           Tel: 662-2002 ext. 2224



Mystic Hemp


      #34 Lewis Street- Tel: 625-0295

         (Cor. Lewis Street & Ariapita Avenue)


Michael Mohammed Bookstore Ltd

      High Street San Fernando – Tel: 653-1166



Rhea Mungal



         Skype rhea.mungal


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3 Responses to Ital Revolution is available

  1. kav says:

    After visiting the Claxton Bay Fishing Facility, I was indeed alarmed at the present situation. Did you know that they are third generation in the business? It is their only form of livelihood. The mangrove cannot be destroyed.
    I also visited the Pranz Gardens area where I spoke to some of the residents. What warm and friendly people the are! This proved to be a very educational visit. Our major problem, as a people is that we are not currently aware of the present situations around us. Efforts are being made to educate those around us, especially the youths.
    I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks to Ms. Rhea Mungal and Dr. Peter Vine who were both present on that particular day.

    To Dr. Kublalsingh, hats off to you for your selfless contributions and best of luck!!!

  2. Ken Santlal says:

    I like your blog and set-up. One thing you should stress up front is the potential environmental and health effects on the surrounding area. The harmful effects of similar steel plants in other countries should be looked at as an example so the people would know what’s coming. Keep up the great work and all kudos to Dr.Kublalsingh.

    Boston MA

  3. rheamungal says:

    Thanks to both Kavita and Ken.

    Kavita’s school is doing thier geography SBA on Essar Steel Caribbean Limited. The students actually visited the Claxton Bay Fishing port and met with some residents of Pranz Gardens.

    Ken is a Trinidadian living abroad who works in the environmental field.

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